DRP INC. Worked with Coyote Trails (formerly known as the Nature Center) to pour a concrete slab and create handicap access; DRP provided expertise for the project and labor involved with the pouring of the concrete.

– Completed August 2017

– Savings to the city of Medford: $15,800



Created  accessible paths to the picnic area, restrooms and the gaming section at “Area A for the handicapped.

– Completed April 2004

– Cost: $12,600



DRP INC. began this project to make the jetty accessible to seniors and people with disabilities. With the help of over 100 men and women volunteers, the donation of materials, and equipment by local businesses, DRP completed the Howard Prairie Jetty Project June 29th 2002. The Resort at Howard Prairie Lake now has a jetty that is accessible to all, fishing pier for seniors and people with disabilities.

– Completed August 2003

– Cost: $351,000